• First Edition
    Scientific Event on Information Technology - SEIT'16
    Smart Cities: Recent Innovations and Challenges

    INPT-Rabat, April 28, 2016

    AMTIC and INPT’s PhD students organize the first edition of the "Scientific Event on Information Technology" (SEIT). This event aims to bring together engineering students and researchers to discuss and exchange experimental and theoretical results, novel designs, works in progress, and experiences. SEIT will include a parallel presentation of papers along with prominent keynote speakers and a video competition.

    In the last decades, the rapid advances in technology and digital systems have reshaped our ecosystem. Moreover, as populations grow continuously, the need for intelligent systems increases. Thus, the concept of “Smart cities” is meant to promote modern urban spaces through the development of ‘smart’ multidisciplinary technologies in order to provide a clean, sustainable environment and a decent quality of life for all citizens.

    This event will take place at INPT, Rabat on April 28, 2016 under the theme of “Smart cities: recent innovations and challenges”. The organizing committee cordially invites you to submit your proposals and latest research in this event.

  • Keynote Speakers

    Aize-dine Bitar

    Mobile platform verification architect, Intel Corporation

    Keynote Title: IoT for Smart Cities

    Abdeljaouad Benhaddou

    Conseiller, LYDEC

    Keynote Title: Retour d'expérience de LYDEC dans le domaine des villes intelligentes

  • Call for Papers

    PDF version

    SEIT is soliciting contributions in, but not limited to, the following directions:

    • Integrated Circuits and Embedded Systems
    • Localization Systems, Intelligent Transport Systems
    • Antennas, Optics, Microwaves and RFID Technologies
    • Signal, Image, and Video Processing
    • Wireless Mobile/Sensor Networks
    • Big Data, Cloud Computing and Services
    • Software Engineering, Game Theory, Mechanism Design, and Learning Algorithms
    • Infrastructure Architectures, IT Security
    • Internet of Things
    • Smart Grid, Green Tech
    • Intelligent Systems for Renewable Energies
    • Application, Deployment, Test-bed, and Experiences in Smart Cities
    • E-Services
    • Management of IT

    Important Dates

    • Paper Submission deadline: April 10, 2016 April 17, 2016
    • SEIT Date: April 28, 2016
  • Video Competition

    Creative students are encouraged to take part in the video competition organized in conjunction with the event. The goal of this competition is the vulgarization of recent innovations in Information Technology.

    Participants are invited to submit a short video explaining a scientific concept HERE. Videos should not exceed 180 seconds.

    Videos could be structured as follows:

    • Motivation: A good contextualization of the topic.
    • Fundamentals: Basics/Aspects/Disciplines/Models,etc.
    • Skills: How to be skilled in that topic
    • Trend: recent research/engineering trends regarding that topic.
    • References: to guide who would know more about the topic.

    Participants can use one of the following types of video:

    • Commented slideshow
    • Video tutorial
    • Recorded lecture
    • Animated video
    • Mixed capsule

    Three videos will be awarded and presented at the closing ceremony. All videos worth sharing will be added to the YouTube channel of the event.

    Important Dates

    Video Submission deadline: April 10, 2016 April 20, 2016

  • Submission

    Authors are invited to submit short papers of 2 pages max, in English, following the IEEE A4 template in PDF format to the EasyChair platform and a copy to seit@inpt.ac.ma.

    The link to EasyChair submission page :

    Selected papers will be presented in oral sessions, works in early stages may be accepted as posters.

    Important Dates

    • Paper Submission deadline: April 10, 2016 April 17, 2016
    • Video Submission deadline: April 10, 2016 April 20, 2016
    • SEIT Date: April 28, 2016
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  • Contact

    E-mail 1: seit@inpt.ac.ma
    E-mail 2: seit.inpt@gmail.com