Keynote Title: Semantic Interoperability for Smart IoT

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), we are facing a proliferation of connected devices distributed over physical locations. The area is a domain that requires not only development of infrastructure but also deployment of new services capable of supporting multiple, scalable (cloud-based) and interoperable (multi-domain) applications. In the race of designing IoT as part of the Future Internet architecture, academia and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry communities have realized that a common IoT problem to be tackled is the interoperability of the information and services. In this talk a review of the recent trends and challenges on interoperability, and a discussion on how semantic technologies and information models can support data interoperability in the design of the Future Internet, taking the IoT and Cloud Computing as reference examples of application domains.

This talk will also describe on-going research leaded by the author at LAAS related to the challenge of semantic interoperability for IoT.

Key words: Iot, Interoperability, Semantic technology.